Ratchet Chicks and their Social Media!!!!

What’s up Fam!

I have to have this discussion with you, only because many of you have no idea that your girl is a basic bitch…Now, before I go any further, understand that I know the term “Basic Bitch” is quite old, but unfortunately, the breed still exist. Set aside the fact that these bitches still use iPhone 4 on Virgin Mobile, the main reason is because they don’t have shit. And they are fine with that. They get section 8, WIC, Foodstamps but their main Facebook and Twitter status says “I’m a single mother, doing it by myself!” Lies Bitch, you ARE not doing it by yourself, Social Services helps you, oh and child support. She will have anywhere from 3-6 kids, yet she isn’t even 25…she works just enough to make about $12,000 a year, to make sure she gets at least $6k back from Uncle Sam. She more than likely has a different father for each of her children. She leaves her kids home to come over your house to get fucked, she can’t find a job because of lack of a baby sitter, yet she always manages to find a babysitter for the club. Most of her freaky pictures on Instagram will have one of her 3 kids right beside her ass bent over, dirty clothes will be on her floor in the picture…Actually, I’m going to give you the top ten ways to know you’re dealing with a basic bitch!!! Read them after the break below!!

10. If you are taking half naked pictures, with bullshit on your floor like dirty clothes, trash, panties with the dirty crotches turned up, dirty ass bed sheets and that shit is literally piled up around your and you are standing in the midst of it proudly oblivious to it and in some kind of pose you are guilty of being a filthy gutter butt basic bitch!

9. If you take a picture of yourself in a spread eagle pose, with your ass in the air, with your titties out or exposing any type of body part and your child is in the background sucking on a bottle in a pissy diaper, or just plain standing their watching their momma be a trick for the camera then yes boo you would be a basic bitch.

8. If you have to resort to espousing about your sexual exploits for attention, making sexual promises with men you barely know on any type of social network, and then private message said fellas with explicit pics and y’all not even on that type of level you did it cause he got a benz, a rolex, or he in the music industry and you trying to get put on then yes you too would be considered a basic bitch.

7. If you and your homegirls go to the club and take club pictures where your ass is hanging out, your titties is out, and you got your thong showing, or you have on a lace catsuit with no type of undergarments or shields on under it then yes you too probably are guilty you and your whole crew of being basic bitches.

6. If you spend your whole check on a club outfit, new payless shoes, a burgundy weave and some new acrylic nails but have to beg, borrow, or steal so your baby can have pampers and food until you get your welfare check you’se a basic ass bitch.

5. If ever you busted, shot out, keyed up, kicked in another woman’s windows because she was sleeping with your man and you warned her by calling her 7 times on all the numbers you could find for her out your man’s pocket instead of going after the real guilty party your man then yes your definitely a basic bitch.

4. If you spend all your time searching for the man you think is your baby’s daddy cause you counted up the days between your last period and when you got pregnant and he was the last dick you remember being on so you pin it on him but he steadily denying it and you afraid to get the D.A. involved because you could be wrong…you might want to check your hoe card cause you might have basic bitch or could have had basic bitch syndrome at one time

3. If you stay cursing out, mad at and bitter because your baby daddy married another one of his women/side chicks/ baby mommas that he had before you and you think you loss out on the prize even though he in the rears for back child support and he refuses to get a job but he stay super “creative” cause he in the “entertainment industry” and he have all the latest tools to be a super producer and he stay trying to make a deal with you concerning child support so you won’t turn him in because for years you bought into his bullshit and let him mind fuck you into thinking that he was going to be with you and you ate that shit up now you all pissed off with angry black woman syndrome. You might be guilty of basic bitch syndrome

2. If have any type of pictures with your pussy, ass, titties, or dicks in all your holes and you aren’t a porn star but you post all of these types of pictures on every social networking site you are on with regular updated pictures with you in different sexual poses and you even specifically send said pictures out to celeb-whore-t’s to look on said social networks telling them you would fuck them in a heartbeat and what your specialties are and how you get down then you a basic type nasty slut bitch. If you want to hoe then be an honest hoe set your prices upfront and let these dudes know what time it is shrugs beats fucking for free.

1. If all your kids have different daddies, different complexions, different hair textures, different last names and every dude you make your “man” you let skeet in your and you carry his child even though you already have multiple kids by other men and you not finished yet, and you never been married ain’t even got a promise ring you must likely a low self esteem basic ass bitch who should invest in birth control and a hobby besides mattress testing.



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