Yo’ Ass Ain’t Famous!!!!


Normally I’m not one to feed into petty bullshit…OK, Im lying, I really am…But I have good reason. As much as I love social networking, I am easily irritated by it. For instance, when I see people posting shit that would give the “unknown” reason to believe that they live a life full of riches and fame…My blood pressure immediately rises. We all know that one rapper, blogger, promoter that thinks they should be hanging with the likes of Jay-Z or Diddy, but they get food stamps, unemployment and or Section 8 (You know when your rent is $3.00 a month and you can’t tell anyone your baby daddy lives in your apartment). Well, recently I was given some information that practically had me laughing my ass off. You dumb asses need to be more aware of who follows you, because I know people, that KNOW people, that work at Social Services. Anyway… So many of you believe the hype… If you post a picture of a BMW 760 Li on Instagram that says “Does this color fit me?” be prepared for the answer… “No Bitch, and neither does the price tag!!” You bitches have Dom Perignon taste, but Barefoot budgets!! Stop fronting for your “fans”…Speaking of which…Why the FUCK do you feel you have fans?? That’s another post though. Now, on to something else… I can’t think of ONE person in my city that is RICH from rapping, blogging, radio, modeling or acting…We are all in the same category of “Just gotta make it”. So, instead of spending time knocking my grind, or my business or my work, focus on BUILDING relationships. So many people spend 80% of their day tearing down other people in the city. It’s almost like, If I don’t do business with certain circles, I’m doomed. For some reason many of us feel that if “X” can’t do something FREE for me, I will just make sure no one else in the city works with him/her. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!! I keep seeing people post stupid shit like “Started from the bottom, now I’m here”. Exactly where are you? Grinding for free? Stop with the “self proclaimed celebrity”™ shit! Anyways, I’ll be back! Until then…Chill with the shade, it only makes you look stupid and thirsty. -TheRVAlien®™



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