Is @PorshaDStewart suicidal after DIVORCE announcement?!?!



Sometimes when you’re in a relationship you can easily become too dependent on your spouse…which causes you to hit a depression stage when (not “if”) the relationship comes to a terrifying sudden stop. Porsha has been tweeting about going to “see Jesus” since she found out about the divorce. I think he is only divorcing her out of fear that her being on the show will cause his gay skeletons to come twerking out of his closet. But that’s another story. According to the tweets we should be praying for Porsha because it seems that she is laying in her mansion alone and depressed. I’m not sure if she’s depressed because of her weekly allowance being stopped or because she just lost her best friend (homegirl) Kordell Stewart. Peep the tweets…



One thought on “Is @PorshaDStewart suicidal after DIVORCE announcement?!?!

  1. Have you ever even listened to the songs? I’m thinking probably not…..they are songs about overcoming adversity through the love and peace of Jesus Christ. I listen to them all the time because they take me to a place that ministers healing to my heart…..certainly doesn’t mean suicide. I applaud Porsha’s grace under this unbelievable pressure. Divorce is hard~hell LIFE is hard! I’m praying for her, you,me and every other person that’s tryna make it! She’ll come out just fine and I bet she’ll be an example to other women(brothers too) of how to go through a difficult place with grace,dignity and strength.

    peace 2U……..

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