Why can’t Ray-J be great??

ray-j-cover_0So, it appears that Brandy’s little brother has found another way to get some attention from the media. This is weird that he continuously does this considering he has no real talent. Including the day he humped Kim Kardashian’s wide ass on video tape. I wish I could get paid that kind of money to slap my balls against a chick with an industry tapped ass. But this time, Ray-J is going after Kanye West… Is it me or is Ray-J and Keyshia Cole are both drinking from the same glass of “Irrelevant-Juice”. Ray-J clearly has a damaged ego…Every escort he hires leaves him for someone more successful…Example… Kim Kardashian left him for Reggie Bush, Whitney Houston left him for the lord (may she rest in peace).  Check out this line from the single I hit it first. 

“Hit it from north,brought her head down south,now that I’m finished,she’s on to Mr West . . .”

What are your thoughts?


The Fukkkk you gotta say????

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