None of The Jackson’s Knew Janet Was Married?!?!?!



Photo/Video credit: Getty Images

I dont know If y’all care to remember, but a few months ago, America’s OLD sweetheart, Janet Jackson, married her billionaire boyfriend Wissam Al Mana, allegedly sending Jermaine Dupri into a deep depression. But whats even more concerning is that none of her family members knew. LaToya Jackson, held a private screening of her new show, Life With LaToya, making it known that The Jackson Family found out about the wedding through the media, just like Jermaine Dupri and the rest of us did. We all know Jermaine Dupri has being lots of financial troubles , We we’re thinking, maybe…just maybe, Janet could hook him up with some of that Arab, Billionaire money!!! But, back to my point, here is what LaToya had to say…

“I didn’t know Jan was married until I heard about it through the media. Most of the family members, no one really knew. You would be surprised how you find out things through the media.”

“It didn’t bother me because I know that in my family a lot of times you keep things private because you don’t want anyone to know if you’re married. Most of the siblings… Nobody knew!”

But, Anyway…“Life with Michael LaToya” airs TONIGHT on OWN.



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