#UnSignedRVAlien Introducing “Dub-I” #RVA

“If pictures are worth a 1000 words, with his perception and rebel mentality, it’ll definitely be interesting to read how Wize interprets any given moment captured in time.”

                                                                                                                        – Anonymous



Derek “Wize” Light aka “Dub-I” is a hip hop artist born and raised in Richmond, Virginia’s Southside. Very young he displayed a talent for writing and began poetry at the age of 11. A passion for spoken word burned within him for years after. Eventually he decided to make an attempt at rapping. Primarily judged for lyrical content, Wize learned the importance of “having something meaning to actually say” on a song. After performing and receiving huge amounts of praise at a talent show, he decided that rapping was his preferred art form of expression and adopted the name “Wize”, from the block he used to play on as a child (Wise St.). Later, his background in poetry landed him the opportunity of performing with Lyric Ave. This poetry based group in Richmond encouraged its’ spoken word artists to always challenge themselves to talk about the things the rest of the world was afraid to, and Wize did. There he learned how to incorporate depth into his lyrics, while the performing gave him insight on how to perfect his deliverance. Deciding to go full time with being a hip-hop artist around his mid twenties, he began performing in different venues showcasing his lyrical talent and ability to put on a show. With his undeniable “Swag” and unique wordplay, Wize’s style is definitely become his own. He gives off a charisma on the track that cannot and will not be ignored. Wize draws from personal life experiences and delivers the stories of those experiences on the instrumental in a way that is fun and passionately impressionable. 



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Twitter: wize_804

Facebook: Wize aka Dub-I


One thought on “#UnSignedRVAlien Introducing “Dub-I” #RVA

  1. First Time Seeing This…DOPE SPREAD!! I can only pray those who have ears are willing to listen and better yet…READY! You have a great sound and its evident in your music, performances and passion you’ve shown thus far “Wize” aka “Dub-I”. Only big things in the future for you #RVA #Standup

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