Why You Mad Though????


It seems that SHADE is trending nowadays. I throw it, you throw it…WE all throw it. However…I’m not bothered by it. Some people scroll timelines just to make a post or something about them, I call that GUILT. It’s a sad day in time when that people are doing “NOTHING” throw shade amongst the people they view as a threat. I have “nothing” to prove as far as my brand is concerned. I have made it this far with out YOU or YOU’R BRAND’S help. So with that being said, your words mean nothing to me and mine. I have been blogging since 2007 and never have I blogged for attention, I blogged because it’s something I love doing. But, here in Richmond, VA…You can’t have more than one anything. If you do Radio, other radio host throw shade, If you do comedy, other comedians throw shade, If you blog…Well of course, other LOCAL ASS BLOGGERS will throw shade. And believe me when I say, all of that is fine and great. These are crabs. You know the type, when you confront them, they say they have no issues with you as if I don’t already know the TRUTH. Starting today, I have decided to no longer acknowledge ANY shade thrown my way, because it simply means I am doing my thing. People should spend more time focusing on their craft, perfecting their speech, because if you’re on the radio or blogosphere with a lisp, or a hoodrat vocabulary, What I’m doing shouldn’t matter to you. My circle is small because I want it that way. I know many bloggers, BIG bloggers, and some of the conversations we have via DM or TEXT about some of you that claim to have made it, would have you all attempting suicide. “You made it” but no mainstream bloggers KNOW you or have credited anything you have written…Hmmmmm, but anyway…I just wanted to give you all a heads up, as to why I won’t be giving the any attention to the haters going forward. Enjoy throwing your shade while we eat over here!


The Fukkkk you gotta say????

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