Did Ray-J Come Back?!?!


So recently Brandy’s little brother Ray J has been making some waves in the music and tv arena. A few days ago he released this song called “I Hit it First”, which is clearly about Kim Kardashian. He told Karen Civil of CivilTV that the song isn’t about Kim or her boyfriend/baby daddy Kanye West. Who does Ray J think he’s fooling? With lyrics like “she may move on to rappers and ballplayers(Kanye, Reggie, Kris Humphries) but we all know I hit it first and “I had her head going north and her ass going south but she chose to go (Kanye) west”, EVERYBODY knows this is about Kim. And then the icing at the end of the song: “and if you were to come back to me girl we’ll make another movie”. Unless Ray J has another sex tape with another chick who is dating another rapper, this is defiantly an ode to Miss Kardashian. Where Ray thought he was going with this nobody knows. Maybe he’ll get some relevance from his newest endeavor, hosting Bad Girls Club All Star Battle. Good luck to him.



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