Jessica Lacy Voker (@JessLacyVoker) “Beyond THOSE Lies Of A Housewife… Phaedra Parks” (Audio Interview)


Today, I had the chance to speak with Jessica Voker. The mother to Phaedra Park’s Godson, The former BFF of Phaedra from The Housewives of Atlanta, and when I tell you that Jess seems to have no motives of personal gain, I’m not lying. She seemed authentic, she seemed real, and more importantly…she finally seemed relieved. Take a listen.


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50 thoughts on “Jessica Lacy Voker (@JessLacyVoker) “Beyond THOSE Lies Of A Housewife… Phaedra Parks” (Audio Interview)

  1. I loved it! I can’t wait to see how this stuff will play out. Air that hoe out! I’m glad she said she didn’t need no money. What’s funny is that she sounds just like what Kenya and Nene said. I’m looking forward to her book!

  2. I’m not a HUGE fan of Pheadra, but at the same time, I don’t see how anyone can fail to recognize that this lady’s purpose for coming out with this is solely to promote her book. She spent a total of 45 seconds to discuss her charity for children, and the rest of this passage discussing Pheadra and their sordid past. I mean, really???
    She said that most of this stuff went down a little over a decade ago. She’s divorced from her husband who she says cheated on her with Pheadra, and he’s in jail. So why NOW?
    Why NOW after Pheadra has been on RHOA this long? Why NOW after Pheadra has become a mother and is doing something with her life that she obviously loves to do and [love or hate her] people love to watch? Why NOW when literally weeks before her ex-husband gets out of jail, she wants to come on the radio and every social media form possible to send out a negative report on someone else?
    She’s been on twitter since last year trying to put out information regarding Pheadra, and now that the subject has become a “hot topic” on RHOA of Pheadra being “phony/fake” now all of a sudden, here’s the book and all the dirt we did back in the day.
    If your heart was truly heavy with the sins YOU committed than you should’ve taken that to your God or whomever you see fit and discuss that there rather than trying to drag down another person? If your heart was truly THAT heavy with all these burdens, why didn’t you take it to the one that transgressed against you and found a way to forgive and let go and let God!
    There is NOTHING in this story but a malicious means to further a persons need to hurt who they feel hurt them, and there’s NOTHING right about that. And those of you who rejoice in this are just as bad.
    I have nothing against this lady because of course I don’t know her, but what I do know is the difference between right and wrong, and I know this is no where near right.

    • I 100% agree this is all so long ago it didnt make sense to me at all. This lady is just looking for her 15 secs in the spot light because she cant afford minutes.

    • AMEN! Say that! She’s going to put out some stuff that’s going to only dig a deeper hole for herself. She should’ve been let that go. Now Phaedra has fans and people that love the successful woman that she’s become she wants to try and expose her. Yeah this is going to BLOW UP IN HER FACE! Then she tried to expose Kandi? Yeah she’s hoping that her book will sale off these women. I CAN SEE A LAWSUIT NOW!

      • Also it looks like she was mad that Phaedra never responded to her text about her needing connections with writing a book. If you read the last text you’ll see that she said all phaedra’s numbers were changed and something about she wanted to write a book. She didn’t get direct help from Phaedra so now she’s doing whatever it takes to promote her book even if it takes knocking another person down and throwing them under the bus. SHAME!

    • I agree! this woman sounds stupid, this was umpteen years ago! not saying that what this tramp is trying to throw stones at phaedra. If you have nothing to GAIN from this; WHY IS THIS RELEVANT????

  3. What is the point of bringing someone down? If you want to write a book, that’s cool, but don’t promote your book based off of someone else. If she has issues with Phaedra, then keep it WITH Phaedra. A REAL woman doesn’t go on a smear campaign. And why are people so quick to believe every word that comes out of this chicks mouth? For all we know SHE could be lying as well. And it CLEARLY sounds like she has an agenda, because she CLEARLY has issues with her. And if Phaedra did sleep with her ex, then OF COURSE that’s reason to drag her through the mud. People are so quick to read into and believe dirt. Why don’t we focus on the mess we have in our OWN lives and not worry about what other people are doing?

  4. Phine body is the avitatar for phadrea parks, right? And the text is dated 2009, right? When did phine body come out? 2012? Think! If your going to set her up, get the facts straight!

    • That’s how iphones work, she could’ve just changed the avi recently but still scroll back to old messages and the new avi would appear.

    • IF she has old messages that in her archive the photo would just UPDATE automatically. That doesn’t mean the screencap is a lie. Take YOUTUBE for example, if you look at an old email it shows the new icon of the person who sent the email…not their old icon!

      Damn your dumb while trying to be smart. lol

  5. This is ridiculous…how did she pay for law school? This interview is stupid, if you can’t promote your book without trying to throw someone under the bus you’re sad and tired. This doesn’t even sound true.

  6. I think that this is crazy! Everyone has an opinion about people who put themselves out there. While Phadrea did come up in this interview, it seems that this was more a promotion for her book. I try not to formulate an opinion based on hearing things. I personally would lube more information on Mrs. Voker, her ex- husband as well as Angela Stanton. My opinion of Phadrea has not changed and the fact remains that Phadrea has worked very hard to achieve her goals and I am very proud of her.

  7. Stanton and Voker are burdened and don’t know how to express it. I’m not gonna say they are liars but clearly there is direct intent to slander Phaedra in any way possible because they are jealous of her being on tv appearing to be someone who they don’t remember her as. WhatPhaedra did was 10-15 yrs ago and it’s the past. As if people cant change. She said that Phaedra once despised children? Ok well she has 2 children now and clearly loves them. Its absurd to allude she has 2 kids for show.

    Also I dont believe the prostitution ring. Phaedra has admitted she’s well versed in the adult entertainment business. She says she represents strippers and escorts and Voker contacting her for this party is not incriminating of illiciting illegal sex activity. Phaedra may very well set up work for strippers to dance but whatever those girls do on their own accord is what they do. Also isn’t Voker telling on herself? She’s the one asking for the alleged prostitutes and is acting as a medium for sexual trafficking. And these messages are as recent as 2011! She could go to prison if she tries too hard to prove these allegations.

    I don’t like any of this. They claim they own up to their past and have God. Why cant Phaedra move on and find God as well? Seems like neither of them have truly changed and want 15 minutes of fame. If she didn’t want money, she wouldn’t put a book out for profit. Also its funny how they praise NeNe as being a boss but her dirty past is being revealed by her own family! Both ladies claim its a life tale of their exaggerated struggles. But somehow Phaedra is the main focal point and a clear keyword to get people to buy the book. And even to this day, Voker brags on twitter how she was a millionaire at 18 and seems to fully support her drug dealer ex husband… She has not changed. Angela either. She spent collectively less than 20 ages talking about her childhood and life prior to Phaedra, the rest of the book was all about Phaedra and things that didn’t have anything to do with Angela.She was raped by a cousin and a music executive not related to Phaedra, but somehow Phaedra ruined her life, gave her 5 kids and an abusive mother.

  8. That @$&@ gum! It’s so annoying I can’t even listen! Someone provide a sunmary of the convo so I don’t have to listen to the chewing cow on the audio

  9. I always knew Phaedra was a low down dirty lady, that laugh she gives the look in her eyes are so demonic! Lol you know what they say about the preacher kids they are usually first to side and be satins right hand man. Phony Phae Phae is a wolf in sheep clothing…

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  11. Who knows if she is speaking the truth or not… can’t say that i can force myself to give a shhhhht either…

    but i just wanted to say some words of advice to those who don’t know…

    NEVER EVER trust a Delilah… they are more dangerous than their counterpart.. the pink male…

    be blessed.

  12. The phone (obviously an iPhone) shows dates of 2009 yet Sprint 3G. Sprint did not get the iPhone until Ocotober of 2011. I do not use iPhones but I do not believe people have years of texts imported to a new phone 2 years later.

  13. I’m sorry but when your life is televised, your ENTIRE life is on display. For those of you who don’t understand what that means let me break it down; PAST, PRESENT, & what you are aspiring to do in the FUTURE! That aside, people are going to call you out on your shadiness especially if they’ve LIVED in the shade of that tree, okay? Chile please, some of ya’ll sound a fool talking about “why is she talking about this now, ” or “Phaedra is 10 years wiser now, stop tearing her down….” GTFOH! If I vote for a politician I want to know what has he done in the past, what are his plans for the future, and WHAT has he done for me lately before casting my vote. I don’t know where ya’ll from, but I watch reality shows for comedy and the ability to relate. If you’re (Phaedra) trying to put up a facade as though you’re this SB & socialite extraodinaire who rarely drinks, doesn’t associate with “whores” (hint: the reference that she made towards Kenya)
    and walks a straight and narrow path, at least be kind enough to admit that you were not always this way. Shit, Ne Ne did. Wanna know why? Because Ne Ne knew that shit was going to get back anyway, who better then to tell the story except for the horse? Yeah, keep rooting for Phaedra she’s a true peach!

  14. Phaedra, on the otherhand is one greedy, lying, $hady underhand crook. How can you tell when she is lying? … Her lips are moving. (Lawyer LOL)

    • I know Jessica personally because I have children by her ex husband. This man she’s speaking about has kids all over the place, my son’s are grown so you do the math. This chick is dishing out some one else’s dirt but she’s not saying how she’s the reason her ex husband is incarcerated. She was an informant for years and she help put a lot of people in jail. How can she call someone a snake when she turned on her so called husband. He only married her because she was his #1 call girl making that $ and it’s nothing cute about that @ all. I feel sorry for her because she’s very unhappy & she’s still living in the past. She’s looking for attention but she received a lot of that when she was on the witness stand telling on the whole organization. Jessica get a life and focus on how you’re going to explain to your son how you help put his dad behind bars for the past ten years, he’ll be home soon so focus on your child meeting this man. Your past isn’t so holsum neither so grow up mrs. CW7!

      • You might know of her but I KNOW this chick! The trick Varney Voker her ex husband and babydad does have kids everywhere but regardless he still checkin for her!!!!!!! I was at her home which is off the chain and she aint missed a beat like all his other baby mom on welfare and in the…he just wrote her letters he was moved recently where he will spend his time til Sept…yea letters dont lie he asking her forgiveness and everything. U aint a factor he loves that white girl and his mixed son more than anything! She got a new daughter from a dude that plays for NBA here in DC she stays fly and a real sweetheart. I dont care anyones past but why you talking bum know its always more than one CW ooppss he one his damn self!!!! bhaaaaaaa

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  18. I will be soooo glad when someone exposes this fraud Jessica. Better known as CW7. Cooperating witness #7. I have the paperwork. I am sick of her always talking trash like she is pure and innocent. She is the worst of the worst. Who contacts the FEDS TO RAT ON THEIR OWN HUSBAND? And stop putting them super old pics up with yo irrelevant,jealous,lonely,thirsty,bitter A$$!


    • and yall hoes on here searching u said shes MOVED on and everyone has a past yall dumb ass dont know her u know of her!!!!!!!!!! She has a huge non profit for children in DC and a husband , her kids are beautiful n private school and live good. What you doing??????????? searching for her on the net!!!!!!!!!lmaooooooooooo

  20. No motives of personal gain? Did y’all listen to what I was listening too? The girl is all about promoting her book. If the book sells, then she gets money. Isn’t that what we call personal gain?

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