Bobbi Kristina Gets Evicted and Goes Hamm!!!!


Acccording to our good friends at USAToday, the shit has hit the fan!! And after it hit, the blogosphere was spiriling out of control over a “rumored letter” Bobbi Kristina left her neighbors.

WXIA-TV, Atlanta

ATLANTA — Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown may have lashed out at a neighbor, leaving a nasty note after complaints of too much noise coming from her apartment.

According to a report from the Alpharetta, Ga., police department, filed Tuesday, the note said:


You are s— at the bottom our our shoe.

Thank You for making a hard year harder.

You are a miserable couple and always will be

You were honored to have us living above you and you couldn’t stand such a young beautiful couple far more successful than you ever will be. I pray your misery doesn’t rub off on your innocent little baby.

Neighbor Joshua Morse, who received the note, said he and his wife have filed more than 10 noise complaints against Brown.

Alpharetta police department records show that since Brown moved to the complex in September, officers have gone to her apartment four times to check on the noise.

Neighbors say Brown, whose boyfriend is her adopted brother Nick Gordon, has turned in her keys and left the complex.

According to E! News, Brown’s representative is refuting rumors that Brown was evicted. The rep said Wednesday that Brown left because of the complaints and that friends of Brown wrote the note.

According to animal control records, another neighbor called Fulton County animal services, concerned that an abandoned dog was left in the apartment after Brown moved out. The dog was picked up before animal control officers had a chance to respond.

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