Porsha Stewart Forced To Vacate Atlanta Home!!


Welp…That didn’t take long. Fulton County Judge has sided with Kordell Stewart in this super messy ass divorce!!! Speaking of the “crazies”… I just got some crazy info that there is a major rumor going around in Atlanta… Supposedly Porsha DID cheat on Kordell… And we have the details on whom she cheated with!!! But here is why the judge told to “get the hell out” yesterday!!

According to TMZ, a Fulton County Court judge has ordered for the NFL star’s estranged wife to move out of their Atlanta mansion.
As we reported earlier, Kordell changed the locks in efforts to keep Porsha out of their marital house. She filed legal documents in efforts to reverse the lockout, but on June 18th a judge sided with Kordell.
The housewife was ordered to move out and the former quarterback was granted exclusive access to the home. He was also ordered to pay $5,000 in monthly spousal support along with Porsha’s moving expenses and temporary storage fees.
However, despite all of the drama, Porsha insists that her estranged hubby is not a bad person.
“It’s already hard enough, and for me the situation is so unfortunate,” she in a recent interview with Dish Nation. “For people to say that it’s fake, that’s what hurts, because I’m over here really going through this and everyone is making light of it like it’s fake.”
She added, “Just because we didn’t work out, I don’t feel like he’s a bad guy.”

Source: TMZ.com


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