Stevie J and Mimi Were Swingers????



Sooooooo, Jacky Jasper over at is reporting that renting BMW’s for TV scenes aren’t the only things that Stevie J and Mimi were in to. It’s being told that allegedly they were also swinging smash buddies with former “Baseball Wives” star Anna Benson and former Major League pitcher Kris Benson. Here is the story…

The Bensons, Drugs & Hip Hop?

HSK Exclusive – What do Mimi Faust and Stevie J have in common? We’re told home runs with a former “Baseball Wives” reality star.

We’ve learned Stevie lived with ex-Penthouse model Anna Benson and former Major League pitcher Kris Benson — from 2009 to 2010 — in their Marietta, Georgia home. That’s when sources say Stevie, Mimi, Anna and Kris used to have swinging parties at the spot.

Here’s the drop:

“Anna used to be stripper and she and Mimi were BFF’s. The Benson’s used to have drug-fueled orgies at their house. Mimi and Stevie used to swing with the Benson’s.”

Was a gun-totin’, suited in a bulletproof vest Anna Benson recently arrested for demanding $30K from her estranged hubby Kris, who ran into the woods? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Kirk Gibson.


Welp, There you have it… Thanks for the scoop HSK!!

Peep the pictures below the break!!! (I just had to throw in Mimi’s MUGSHOT!)





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