Tyler Perry DID NOT Admit To Being Gay!!!! #TylerPerry


ImageThe Twitterverse is in an uproar as we speak. Rumor has it that he has come out of the closet as a gay man. People n Twitter and Facebook are posting screen shots of a “Fake” TMZ report that the alleged actor/director made the announcement. We at HipHopDailyPress would like to make it clear that the story is FALSE. Although it does seem like he works with lots of gay men and is a cross dresser and admitted to being molested by men as a young boy.

Remember the dude from his movies?? See image below…





16 thoughts on “Tyler Perry DID NOT Admit To Being Gay!!!! #TylerPerry

  1. Just because a man is molested does not make him gay. That kind of thinking is why men and boys don’t ask for help.

    • Agreed. If they’d just stopped @ ” it does seem like he works with lots of gay men and is a cross dresser-” (not that that would mean he is gay, either) that would have been one thing, but to throw in the part about him being molested by a man as a young boy is completely irrelevant, and draws a dangerous implication (that if you’re molested you’ll grow up to be gay).

      • You are so RIGHT! and well said. He is a true Virgo, and they like to take it slow on who they meet and the person has to be right one or they don’t date at all. I’m a Virgo too.

  2. Tyler Perry sends out a powerful message of love, trust and faith in the one true and living God; encourages several million people in the name of Jesus and the evil one’s are angry. You heard it here!!

  3. Who are we to past judgment on man when God died for all of our sins. Just because he was molested does not mean he’s gay that mean something was taking away from him against his will. The bible say touch not my anointed and do my profits no harm so watch what u say about people because they can very well be an angel.

  4. I was molested as a child. Im not gay. People can be very judgmental. Haters. I I am very encouraged by Tyler. I am looking forward to meeting him someday. one of my biggest dream is to work with him. I have great ideas. I had a dream about this one movie it was called, The Story never told. and only Tyler would be able to give it justice. So Mr Perry please call.

  5. HATERS, HATERS, HATERS, get a life that you can be proud of and stop hating because this awesome man found his way in this crazy. He has a way of lifting people up and knowing just when to do it. His way of life for himself and others is positive, joyful, and full of love. Try it yourself and maybe just maybe you will begin to like yourself.

  6. I don’t care what he is or if he’s from another planet and has green skin under brown it’s his business. Liking the man and enjoying or not his movies should be is enough. Worry about more important things. Try politics if you want to point something out.

  7. okay HATERS I am tyler perry’s biggest fan and heis not gay if ya’ll keep saying that shit your going to end up like that dued that got his face cut open tyler is a man of got so keep your mouth shut and stop judging people

  8. I’m a gay 41 year old female and I love Tyler Perry and his ingenius work. People need to stop being narrow minded. No one can turn anyone gay and no one other than God can change you from being anything.Being gay is not a crime,God made us all. Why are people born gay?, why are people born handicap? ,why are some people born white,black? God fixed it so there would be variety and so no one can point fingers @anyone. There are gay and handicap people in everyone’s family,so therefore you can’t talk about me and I can’t talk about you. Whether you admit it or realize it or not.IT’S TRUE. Stop focusing on people being gay&focus on Jesus! Jesus is concerned about your SOUL,not on what you are. Don’t allow people to make you think just because you’re gay that he doesn’t love you because I know different!You can’t live&die for people,it would be better for you to be true about who you really are. I know I am and I feel FREE and @PEACE now. The Devil want you to be phony so that you can be miserable for life,but God want you to have a Joy-Filled Life by being the way he made you. Not having to hide and lie. Tyler if you are Gay,SO WHAT! Only God can judge because he knows the heart, man doesn’t know anything but how to “SIN”! That’s what we ALL are “SINNERS”! The thing for all of us to do is to TREAT PEOPLE RIGHT!

    • Big-nay,

      God abhors gay people. God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah in the days of Jacob, because of their homosexuality. Leviticus 20:13 says, if a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them has done what’s detestable in the sight of God. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own head.

      God is a God of love and compassion who does not desire the death of a sinner, hence, he God, gives us his Grace and Mercy to repent from our sinful ways.

      No one is ever born gay. It’s a despicable choice.

      Leviticus 18:22 also says, do not practice homosexuality.

  9. How can you take the speck out of someone else eye and not take the plank out of your own eye. Who cares rather he’s straight or gay, who are we too judge we all have skeleton in our closet that Gods going to judge us accordingly . Not that I approve of it because the world is in such shortage of good faithful African American men’s , that’s why I’m single and waiting.

  10. I m stright spanish black man.i love woman .i would never ever slept with another man.but at the same time i respect eve ry body privacy and personal life.tyler if you are gay or not that is your life.who im to judge.i love yiur movies ,i m not interested in your personal life.personal advise.do what makeyou happy .only god can judge forget about what people think.b happy gay or not.

  11. i love tyler perry and in my heart i believe he is not gay i just think he is a very personal man we have no right to be all up in his private life we should continue to enjoy his special gift that god has given him to make us laugh and cry and feel and understand how god knows us, all his shows and movies has a message behind it , he has a rare talent and its beautiful how he can make the world see something different for a change and forget the craziness in it and get to have a great laugh we are no one to judge there is only one person allowed to judge and that is the almighty god, so tyler keep doing what u doing and god bless u.

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