Kirk Started Dating Rasheeda When He Was 23 and She Was 15!!!!


Ok, This story caught my eye!!! After much turmoil, Rasheeda & Kirk are on the verge of divorcing. HipHopDailyPress (Me!) interviewed Kirk back in May (In case you missed it…)…

But now our friends at HSK just gave word of the fact that he was dating a minor, considering she was only 15 years old…aka “Statutory Rape”!! Word is her mom, Shirlene was on drugs on the time, so she really didn’t care , but she was said to have gave her blessings… All of this is alleged, but here is the scoop!!

We’re getting word that Kirk Frost first hooked up with Rasheeda, back when the lady lyricist was underage! Sources say that’s when Kirk was 23, and Rasheeda was just 15-years-old.

Wait…That’s not all!

According to our source, it all went down under the blessing of Rasheeda’s mother, Shirlene. Know why? Because that’s when she’s said to have been delving deep into drugs — leading her to “practically give” her then-teen daughter to Kirk!

Here’s the drop:

“Kirk’s from Harlem, and his family is about them streets. Shirlene, couldn’t do anything to save Rasheeda from the molester, because she was doing them drugs.”


2 thoughts on “Kirk Started Dating Rasheeda When He Was 23 and She Was 15!!!!

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