Steve Harvey F***ing Tisha Campbell!!!!


Strange Sh*t right???? I know…HSK is reporting that an employee at Twelve Atlanta has major scoop on relationship expert  Steve Harvey! Rumor has it that when he first started taping “Family Feud” in Atlanta, he would fly in “Ginaaaaaa” aka Tisha Campbell-Martin…Don’t believe me??? Look for yourself!!!

“We’ve learned Steve Harvey and Tisha Campbell used to share smash sessions, when the “Family Feud” host moved to Atlanta to begin shooting the game show, as the new face.

That’s when sources say Steve would often have Tisha flown in — between 2007 and 2008 — twelve-years into Tisha’s open marriage to Duane Martin. We’re told Steve and Tisha’s sexcapades went down at the “Twelve Building” at Atlantic Station. That’s where Steve reportedly rented out an entire floor of the hotel to steer away from having neighbors, using two units for his suits.

Here’s the drop from a former Twelve Building employee:

“Steve Harvey was cheating on his wife Marjorie with Tisha Campbell. When Marjorie was out of town, Tisha would fly in to see him. Tisha used to use the back private elevator to sneak up into Steve’s suite.”





The Fukkkk you gotta say????

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