Da Brat (@ONLY1BRAT) Coming To Reality T.V????


Well, I must admit, I have always been a fan of rapper Da Brat, Her album “Throwin Tantrums” used to blast on my home stereo with BASS that compared to no other album of that era!! What’s more awesome is the fact that @MyCocoaFab is reporting that Brat is being featured on a reality show! Take a peek:

Da Brat is back!

And she’s coming to reality TV. The formerly famous female rapper recently told CNN that she is working on a new series about her life.

“I want to show people who I am, introduce them to my family, where I’ve come from, how I’m helping people with my charity work,” she explained. “I know it sounds boring, but that comes with a lot… of bumps in the road. So I’m currently shopping for a deal right now.”

The only problem is, she’s apprehensive about jumping into the world of ratchet reality shows that most networks are so fond of.

“I’m working on getting one now. The sad thing about it is most of these networks want the fighting, they want the drunkenness, they want the confrontational and that’s not me anymore,” she said. “I’ve outgrown that and I don’t want that to be the main focus. Been there, done that and been through hell because of that.”

The show will be produced by Phil Thornton, the man behind the R&B Divas franchise. “Me and Da Brat are developing a hip project with all hip hop ladies, its slightly different from ‘Diva’s’ in some ways, but I’m excited about it,” he said in a recent interview.




Source: http://cocoafab.com/new-show-alert-da-brat-is-back-heading-to-reality-tv/#sthash.nnTQUXHz.dpuf


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