#RVAlienSpotlight RVA’s @itsnitti… And Why YOU Should Know Him!!!!


Just like most pioneers in today’s music, ItsNitti’s love and passion came from his previous successors. Listening to artist such as Canibus, Busta Rhymes, Cam’ron and Eminem, inspired the young lad into making rap a top priority.

On November 18, 1984 in Raleigh, NC America’s next musical sensation ItsNitti was born. Raised by mother and grandmother in Raleigh, NC the family later migrated to Richmond, VA where his untapped potential began to flourish.


It wasn’t long before the youngster started exploring his talent with first singing in the church choir, playing percussion instruments in school band, and later emceeing at local events. It wasn’t until the age of twelve when ItsNitti was spurred into being a rapper and pursuing it as his dream.

Over the years, ItsNitti has been in several hip-hop groups includingTop Knotch, Street Mafia, and T.E.A.M. Rich all based out of Richmond, VA. With his recent departure from his latest band he’s turned his focus to his solo career constructing his first solo EP significantly entitled “My Time”.


As time progressed so has his presence. With being in a number of talent searches, showcases, and recently appearance on VH1’s Two Turntable & Mic. ItsNitti has maximized his worth and has become a phenomenon that fans have grown to love. He’s also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such notable acts like Lil Scrappy, 2 Chainz, Ron Browz, Black Rob and Lloyd.

This young rapper definitely posses what it takes to be a chart topping artist in today’s industry. With a master’s vision and the help of many up and coming producers, ItsNitti is able to paint pictures with his words and leave a lasting impression on his audiences. As shown on his most recent mixtapes, he knows how to reinvent himself-bringing new sounds, real concepts, with a colorful delivery. Leaving his stage presence as the icing on the cake.


Any questions or inquiries you can contact (804)-245-4565 or itsnittibookings@gmail.com


official site- itsnitti.com | facebook- itsnitti mmbg | instagram- itsnitti_mmbg | twitter- @itsnitti | youtube- TEAMRICHTV


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