K.Michelle Evicted For Not Paying Two Months Of Rent!!!!


AccessAtlanta is reporting:

On Sunday’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” on VH1, cast member and R&B singer K Michelle said she was leaving for New York City to focus on her music career. Though she didn’t say it, this appears to be her departure from the popular reality show as well.

Yesterday, her Atlanta landlord filed an eviction notice against her for failing to pay her last two months rent before leaving town. (If this sounds vaguely familiar, see this story about Kenya Moore over at “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”)

The filing to Fulton County magistrate court says she owes $6,450 (plus late fees), plus an additional $1,250 in filing and administrative fees. The paperwork said she had not paid June or July rent. (Her monthly rent was $2,400.)

I don’t know the name of the landlord, who is based in Venezuela, but the broker listed on the filing is Jason Lapene. I reached out to him and he said she rented the Atlanta apartment in October but wanted out early.

He said he was willing to let her get out of her lease early without penalty if she’d let him rent it out as quickly as possible.

“I was trying to accommodate her,” Lapene said today. “But she just disappeared and didn’t give me the keys. I don’t even know what the deal is. She didn’t tell me she was leaving and made it difficult for me to sell the unit. She made it miserable for me.”

K Michelle, who showed quite a temper on the show but was kinder in more recent episodes, did not respond to an email. (Her non-stage name: Kimberly Pate.)

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” wrapped up its second season Monday. The reality show itself has seen steadily rising ratings the past few weeks, hitting a series high of 4.15 million viewers Monday night. The only episode that has more viewers was a reunion episode last year with 4.4 million viewers.

For context, no regular “Real Housewives of Atlanta” episode has ever broken 4 million viewers.

Source: AccessAtlanta


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