Keyshia Cole Sex Tape?? And Kanye smashed?!?!


According to BHR Hollywood Reports :

Keshia Cole Has A Sex Tape!!!! Wow

BHR HollyWood Reports  Cole is rumored to have a sex tape that could possibly be leaked soon by a anonymous music producer.

According to Diary Of A Hollywood Street King, a sex-tape of the ‘Heaven Sent’ singer involved in a threesome will be released by one of the participants.

“Keyshia is a psycho b**ch when it comes to a man,” a source told the site as for the reason why was being leaked.

“Keyshia f**ked off her career, she should have stuck with Kanye. Kanye could of made her a star, but he couldn’t f**k with her,” they added.

“She has the nastiest attitude in the business.”

The alleged sex tape features the ‘Love’ singer involved in a sexual romp with a woman and a known music producer.

This is explosive….I’ll wait to see how she responds to the parties involved on twitter!!


Rihanna, Chris Brown AND Karreuche in a THREE-WAY relationship!!!!


What the hell has Stevie J. started???? 

RihRih allegedly had a heart-to-heart with Karrueche Tran days after the model was dumped by Chris Brown and these two dumb fucks chatted for TWO hours!!

According to The Sun this is how the conversation went:

“Rihanna called Karrueche for a proper heart-to-heart. They needed to air a few problems,” a source told the paper. “The girls talked for close to two hours. Rih answered all of the questions and Karrueche had a few home truths to tell her.”

Chris who feels guilty about the split handed a lump sum to Karrueche so she can buy herself a house.

In my opinion, the most UNRELIABLE source MediaTakeOut claims to  have a source who told them that Chris had a meeting with both women (On some Stevie J. shit) to discuss when and where they could each have him:

“Chris wanted to make sure that no one would feel disrespected or upset if he was with the other. Rihanna seemed to be cool with everything because I’m not sure that she wants anything serious with [Chris]. Karrueche is the one I don’t understand…

I’m having a hard time accepting that these two female fucktards would agree to such bullshit.

UPDATE: A rep for Chris reached out to E! News and shot down the rumors that Chris gave Karrueche money so she could buy herself a new home are categorically “not true.”

His camp also refuted a claim that Rihanna had called Tran last week for a “heart-to-heart” after the break up, as had been reported by Britan’s The Sun newspaper.

Nelly: “I didn’t know drugs and guns were in my tour bus!”


TMZ is


Nelly is speaking out about the drug bust on his tour bus this morning — saying he had no clue the vehicle was loaded down with heroin and marijuana.Nelly tells TMZ, “It is my understanding a member of my staff made an unfortunate decision to bring unlawful materials onto our tour bus that resulted in his arrest this morning.”As TMZ first reported, police in Sierra Blanca, Texas say they found 36 baggies of heroin, more than 10 pounds of weed, and a loaded .45 caliber pistol. We’re told a passenger on the bus, Brian Keith Jones, was arrested after admitting the drugs and the weapon were his. Nelly adds, “Neither I nor anyone else on the tour bus was aware of his decision to bring these on board. Law enforcement officials did not  press charges against anyone other than that individual.”Law enforcement sources tell TMZ field tests of the drugs in the baggies confirmed it was heroin — but sources close to Nelly claim it was Molly … aka pure ecstasy.

You won’t believe who SPLIT UP!!!!

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Our Source didn’t mention “any names” so…We decided to credit her for breaking this story…and quote her without mentioning names!!!! Oh, Im sure you’re wondering why…Well, Lets just say “T.Braxton” and not Toni…LOVES to use her lawyers when it comes to bloggers!!

Industry insiders are whispering about a certain diva singer who is allegedly creeping behind her music mogul husband’s back. I can’t say any names, but the singer apparently has a history of cheating with married men. My source says the singer caught a serious beat down at the ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Awards held in Atlanta about 12 years ago.

The source, who begged for anonymity, told that the wife of a music industry veteran heard rumors that the singer was sleeping with her husband (whose son used to be an in-demand music producer).

Their worlds collided at the ASCAP host hotel in Atlanta when the singer stepped on an elevator that was occupied at the time by the industry veteran and his wife (who I’m told is no pushover). The wife commenced to beat the singer down to the floor of the elevator. The singers screams could be heard echoing throughout the hotel.

I’m told that the industry veteran separated the two brawling women before any serious injuries could occur. Needless to say the relationship between the singer and the industry veteran ended in that elevator that night.

But the singer reportedly hasn’t learned her lesson.

My source says she is creeping again, and my source wishes the music mogul would “open his eyes” and see what is transpiring in front of him (or behind his back as the case may be). The source says the mogul’s friends are very concerned about his healthand that Interscope records made him take off a month from work to rest.

“He’s financing her ‘career’ out of his own pocket because he loves her, but all she really cares about is her album,” said my confidential source.


And then TODAY, posted yet more info from a separate incident…

October 11, 2012: just received word this morning that one of our FAVORITE reality show couples, Tamar and Vince may have SEPARATED!!

It’s still early, but a ROCK SOLID snitch associated with their realty show tells that Vince felt that he was being “taken advantage of” by Tamar. And that he needed some time apart – to decide if it was worth it to continue on with their marriage.

Tamar, we’re told, s very broken up about it.

But don’t expect to hear ANYTHING from either Tamar or Vince. The reality show producers caught EVERYTHING on tape. And are trying to keep all the drama under wraps – until it airs on their show!!


Keyshia Cole shows off her NEW cover for single “Trust & Believe”!!!!


Waka Flocka interviews with The Breakfast Club!!! EXPLOSIVE!!

Florida Man DIES after winning ROACH EATING CONTEST!! #WTFNews

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are BOTH dumb B****es!!!!

So, Not only is Kanye being a pretty obvious FUCKTARD!!! He is taking Kim to look at 10 Million Dollar mansions, Something I’m sure she is happy about. This bitch is rocking some Jimmy Choo’s that Kanye paid for. She is such a publicity whore, that you always catch her glancing at the cameras that I’m sure she alerted of her own presence. Sorry, she just seems like the type. One thing I don’t understand, is how these guys are still convinced that you can turn a hoe into a housewife. I’m 32, and even I already know that the shit is impossible!!! 


Stevie J and Joseline RELEASE statements in regards to Stevie J and Lil’ Wayne kissing….

ImageSomeone PLEASE explain to me why Joseline (Jose’-Lying) feels the need to say that Steebie J wouldn’t kiss a man, Ummm Isn’t he kissing her/him/it??? Numerous sources from Miami at Club LIV are confirming that it was in fact Stevie J!! Well They hit up “The Breakfast Club” to give their side on what did or didn’t happen…


First of all, who does that? Second of all, my man doesn’t play those type of game. With Lil Wayne? Who does that. They don’t even talk. They don’t even know each other outside of the videos. Where is all this hate coming from?

Wayne been kissing dudes for a long time. Since I was 15 years old, I’ve seen Wayne kissing dudes but what does Wayne has to do with my man?

Stevie J: I’m in Los Angeles man. I’ve been in the studio getting that bread. I’m working on this Rihanna and Mariah project. I’m a legendary producer. I leave that guys kissing to the other guys.



Stevie J Kisses Lil’ Wayne in the mouth?!?!?

Lil’ Wayne …. He is back to kissing men in the mouth again…